What Everybody Ought to Know About Cruise Ship Jobs

When cruising, the time used is often in days or weeks. With that span of time, you are usually on the sea sailing and relaxing. Still, there still is a question left unanswered. What makes the cruising enjoyable? Is it because of the facilities on the vessel, sceneries and countries explored, or the people who work in the ship?These questions are the ones being answered when checking how successful the whole cruise is. With the number of people interacting in one cruise, it can be considered as a community. In cruise workers, crews, staffs, and clients alike interact with each other and bonds are made. Plus, workers do not just simply work because they also enjoy. Cruise ship jobs are jobs paid to travel. Just to give you an overview on the cruise ship careers, here is detailed information which is discussed briefly:

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Deck and Engineering Jobs – These people have cruise ship jobs to maintain the vessel in its good form. The ship’s performance is their main responsibility. Oftentimes, employers accept the applicants in this work field who are experienced workers and entry-level applicants hardly get a position in this cruise job. The workers included in this category are engineers, deckhands, maintenance workers and ship officers whose main duty is to keep a good condition on the vessel and to make sure that every aspect of the ship has comply with the law.Entertainment Jobs – In all jobs in cruise ships, the entertainment category gets the highest demand for workers. Often related to cruise staff, their main goal is to keep the atmosphere of fun and entertainment alive throughout the journey. The passengers’ entertainment is their sole goal. Employees hired in this category include bands, solo musicians, singers, shore excursion staff, dancers, golf instructors, cruise director jobs and staff, disc jockeys, swimming instructors and such.Personal Care Jobs – Their main concern is the physical well being of the passengers. Basically, it involves spas, medical services, beauty and fitness. Their significance on the cruise ship is very high because majority of the passengers are there to relax. Thus, pampering services must be present. Also, the occurrence of accidents is unpredictable and it is in the law to have a medical staff.Service Jobs – In this field of cruise ship job opportunities, waiters, bartenders, cashiers for gift and souvenir shops, chefs, cooks, ticketing officers, passenger account treasurers and the likes are hired. Their main goal is the concern of management with regards to the ship’s services such as food, accommodations, finances and novelty stores. This field is the biggest contributor on tips from customers.

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Office Jobs – This particular field is usually based on the main branches of the cruise liner. They are the ones who arrange accounts, book cruises, accounting and other office functions. Clerical workers, administrative assistants, marketing staff and booking agents are the usual positions offered here.These fields are the five common cruise ship jobs. Nevertheless, some cruise liners have different categories.

A Cruise Ship Vacation – What to Expect

Cruise ship vacations certainly have appeal – they’re exotic, allow you to see multiple cities and ports, are almost all-inclusive and they offer a wide range of activities for family members of all ages.If you’re curious about cruise vacations and cruise travel, but want to learn more about what you can expect, keep reading to find out the answers to common cruise ship vacation questions.Are cruises really all-inclusive?Typically, no – cruises are not all-inclusive. A ticket on a cruise ship usually includes your cabin, meals and some drinks. In addition to these costs, you will need to pay for any shore excursions, alcoholic drinks, spa treatments, extra snacks, certain special activities and your transportation to and from the port of departure.

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Do I need to carry cash?Normally, you can enjoy a cruise vacation without concern over whether your MasterCard will work or of carrying lots of cash or traveler’s checks. Most cruise vacations allow you to sign and bill most items to your account.At most, you’ll need a small amount of money for daily tips and services, though even this is rare as most ships have shifted to digital invoicing technology.Can I come and go as I please?For the most part, no – you’ll be beholden to the ship’s shore schedules and dining times. However, while many ships have set dining times and activity schedules, other lines – like Norwegian – offer freestyle cruising that allows you to eat when you please and engage in entertainment at your leisure.Whether you’re on a freestyle or scheduled cruise, you will be restricted as to how much time you have at each port of call. Typically though, travelers are given one or two days at each land destination.How do I find the right cruise vacation for me?

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First, ask yourself who’s going on the cruise? Are you looking for a romantic anniversary celebration or a family fun free-for-all with all the kids?Some cruises cater to children and families while others focus on seniors. Some center around singles while others attract couples. You get the idea – whatever your demographic, there’s a cruise for you.Cruises also cater to interests. If you’re passionate about rock climbing, there’s a cruise for you and if you love golf, well then there’s definitely a cruise for you. Theme cruises are another great way to find an almost all-inclusive vacation that fits your interests.

I Was Injured on a Cruise Ship: What Can I Do?

Cruise ships were built for fun, but there are a lot of areas on a cruise ship that can also set the stage for an accident. Slippery decks and areas that are not cleaned properly can often lead to slips and falls, and sometimes that can mean a bad injury.What can you do if you were recently injured while on board a cruise ship? Here are some of the things that you need to know.Reporting Your Injury
Do not wait to report your injury. As soon as you fall, look around you and get the names and numbers of those people that saw you fall. If any crew members witnessed the fall, ask for their names and numbers as well. It’s also not a bad idea to take some pictures of the accident site. The more evidence that you can collect, the stronger your case will be.

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If you look at the back of your ticket, you will likely see information about filing a claim. Make sure to file your claim within that time limit. If you live in Florida, you will (usually) have just one year to make a claim, so don’t wait.Getting Help
Make sure that you receive adequate medical attention for your injuries right away. Cruise ships have a medical team on board, and getting your injury looked at can also help your case (while making sure that you are okay to continue your trip). If you have fallen or had any other kind of accident, do not wait to seek medical attention.Sometimes, an injury might not look like anything important but can worsen drastically with time. In addition to “slip and fall” injuries, there are various other types of accidents that can happen while on a cruise ship as well.Types of Injuries
While slip and fall accidents are the most common cruise ship incidents to occur, there are a number of other possible accidents that can happen as well including:

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Food poisoning
Missing person
Accidental death
If anything has gone wrong while you were on board a cruise ship, you may have a limited amount of time to file a claim, but it’s not all black and white. Going up against a large cruise ship company can be tricky, and you will need to have a qualified attorney on your side. Going on a cruise is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, but if something goes wrong while you are at sea, you are not helpless.

Cruise Ship Activities for Children Under Twelve

Cruises offer great value for your vacation dollar however many families are not sure what to expect on a cruise vacation. Many individuals, mainly consisting of parents, believe that cruises are not suited for kids, but that is simply not true.If you are the parent of a child under the age of twelve, you may be questioning whether or not they ought to accompany you on your next cruise. That is since a big number of cruise lines have tailored their cruise ships to children of all ages, including those under the age of twelve.You are encouraged to keep cruise line activities in mind if you have yet to schedule your cruise ship booking. The activities for kids, under the age of twelve, will differ from ship to ship. That is why it is necessary that you analyze each ship before making a decision. Regardless of the fact that activities will vary from ship to ship, there are numerous activities geared towards children, under the age of twelve, which can be discovered on almost all modern cruise ships.

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One of the most popular activities found aboard a cruise liner is a gaming room. Game rooms are common on the majority of cruise liners. They provide children, under the age of twelve, a safe place to have a good time and be a child. Numerous cruise ship arcade spaces are staffed with the cruise line’s workers, however this must not discourage you from keeping an eye on your child. When leaving them alone in an arcade space, you are motivated to use your finest judgment.All vacation cruise ships are equipped with a swimming pool. In addition to an adult sized swimming pool, wave pools can typically be discovered aboard a number of popular family themed cruises. A wave pool is a swimming pool in which there are artificially generated, reasonably large waves, similar to those of the ocean. Wave pools are most common in water parks and are very popular with children under the age of twelve.In addition to a swimming pool and an arcade room, a lot of cruise ships have an onboard film theater or a performance stage. To identify if the movies on the ship are suitable for your child, you should always make sure to check the cruise ship’s movie schedule.Restaurants and other dining centers on your cruise ship are likely to cater to kids, under the age of twelve. Lots of restaurants have kids menus. These menus usually consist of tasty, but kid sized meals. The cost of your kid’s meals will differ from ship to ship; nevertheless, numerous cruise ships provide discount rates on meals for children under the age of twelve. On some ships, food is included with the total cost of your cruise.

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Many ships have day care centers. These child care centers are centers that benefit both moms and dads and their children. Because a cruise ship is likely to have passengers of all various ages, many child care centers are grouped together by ages. The cruise lines employ counselors, each with childcare education experience, that are there to make sure everyone in these small age groups have an amazing time.The few services, activities, and centers listed above are simply a few of the many that are targeted to kids, aged twelve and under. You may want to think about scheduling your next family trip aboard a cruise ship if you are pleased with the above pointed out services, activities, and child care centers.

Don’t Get Ripped Off by This Common Cruise Ship Job Trick

When you’re looking for a cruise ship job, part of your job search will probably involve looking through adverts in newspapers and magazines. Getting the right job is important for you, so when you find an advert offering what looks to be your dream job, it’s easy to get excited and start the application process straight away.Often cruise ship jobs will have a phone number to call, and you may be asked to send in your resume by email. Imagine how great it will be if they then tell you that you have got the job! It’s great news, and everything looks fine. You found the job in a good publication, and you don’t suspect a thing. But then they ask you to wire over some money to cover the registration process.And this is where you should stop. Because when you’re looking for a cruise ship job, if any potential employer asks you to wire over money, you have to be very careful. If you do go ahead and wire over the money, you could soon discover that the dream job turns into a nightmare.

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You don’t hear back from them. They don’t answer your calls. The number has been disconnected. You then do some research surrounding the cruise ship job and find out that the agency that offered you the job doesn’t even exist. You know what’s happened, but it’s hard to admit it to yourself. You’ve been ripped off.The problem is that it’s so easy to do. Finding that perfect cruise ship job is hard work, and the process can be long and tough. So when you find out you’ve got a job, it’s easy to get carried away. But there are always people out there making money out of unethical means, and unfortunately you’re in a good position to be ripped off when you’re looking for a cruise ship job.There may be a number of reasons why you are looking for a cruise ship job, one of which is probably that it is a very desirable job. This means there are lots of other people out there searching for the same job, and this makes them easy victims.So when you find a job and some form of payment is asked for, you have to be careful. In fact, always assume the worst in this scenario. You may be asked to cover the costs of something like your uniform or a strange fee, and it is easy to not question this, so keen are you for the job to be legitimate.

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The fact is, most real employers don’t ask for money. And if they do, make sure you find out exactly what it is for before you send it. Do some research, make sure it is legitimate, and don’t rush into it. Once you wire money it is impossible to find out who it went to, so it is not worth it unless you are absolutely certain it is genuine. You can work this out by carrying out some research on the company or agency in question, and it will be quite easy to find out whether it is genuine or not.A cruise ship job will be a great experience, but don’t let yourself become a victim of any of tricks. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions and the experience will be a lot smoother.